Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Horwitz

Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Horwitz

Mercy Home receives so much support from our beloved volunteers in various programs that help over 650 abuse and neglected children striving for a brighter future. Read more to find out how they fell in love with Mercy Home and became such amazing friends to the home.

Tutor: Anna Horwitz

How did you hear about Mercy Home?

I am a student at UIC and live in the area. One day my mom and I drove by Mercy Home, so I did some research and decided that I would love to volunteer there.

What was your motivation for getting involved at Mercy Home?

I love volunteering and I thought Mercy Home was a great option for me. I love the kids and I knew that tutoring would allow me to not only help students with their homework, but also act as a positive influence in their lives.

What is your favorite thing about your volunteer role and why?

My favorite part about volunteering would be when I help the kids have a break through in their learning. I love knowing that I taught them something, and that I helped them succeed on their assignment.

What advice would you have for future Mercy Home volunteers?

My advice is to always remember to stay patient, and if you ever feel annoyed or overwhelmed, just think that you are changing the students’ lives and are helping them succeed.


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  1. Mary Schiemann says:

    Thank you for sending these updates on the boys and girls, They are so fortunate to be in such a caring and loving environment .


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