Articles, news, and stories celebrating 130 years of history at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

Mercy Home Christmas Through the Years

As Mercy Home celebrates the end of its 130th year, we look back at the many Christmas seasons our young people have enjoyed thanks to our generous friends.

Down but Not Out, Champ Fights for Kids

Learn how Johnny Coulon, former boxing champ, lost his title in a fight supporting Mercy Home – and still made good on his promise to give back.

Football team at Mercy Home.

Mission Flashes Football Team Set Boys up for Success

Read about the “Mission Flashes,” our football team formed in the 1920’s as an effort to build up our boys’ minds and bodies for success off the field.

Marathon Pamphlet

1990s: Marathon Supports the Home

While we celebrate our 130th a year, we’re looking back on a partnership with another institution celebrating its 40 anniversary: the Chicago marathon.

Mercy Home Walsh Campus for Girls Celebrates 30 Years

Read about Rita Garvin, the “foundress” of Mercy Home’s girls’ campus, and how the Home has now been serving young ladies for 30 years.

Jack Dempsey

Fr. Kelly and CYO: A Winning Combination

Learn about the CYO and the history of boxing at Mercy Home that emphasized discipline, sportsmanship, and the development of physical and spiritual self.